Regional differences in torso sweating



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Machado-Moreira, C. A., Smith, F. M., van den Heuvel, A., Mekjavic, I. B. & Taylor, N. A. S. Regional differences in torso sweating. In: Mekjavic, I. B., Kounalakis, S. N. & Taylor, N. A. S. editors. Environmental Ergonomics XII. Proceedings of the Twelfth International Conference on Environmental Ergonomics; Ljubljana, Slovenia: Biomed d.o.o.; 2007. 293-296.


The distribution of sweating across human body segments has been investigated for many years (Weiner, 1945), and by numerous research groups. However, very few have reported localised differences in sudomotor function within separate body segments (e.g. Taylor et al., 2006). In this project, we focussed on the regional distribution of sweating within the torso. Although representing about 40% of the total body surface area, and accounting for approximately 50% of the whole-body sweat secretion (Weiner, 1945), the torso has not been thoroughly examined with regard to its inter-site distribution of sweating during rest and incremental exercise in the heat. Since this information forms essential background knowledge for the development of thermal manikins, and for improving clothing design, we set about obtaining these data, and quantified sweat secretion rates from twelve sites of the human torso across a wide range of thermal loads.

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Environmental Ergonomics Conference

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