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Wadhwa, S. S. & Zealey, W. J. (2005). Ux Ret and Cn Hyi: Hipparcos Photometry Analysis. Astrophysics and Space Science: an international journal of astronomy, astrophysics and space science, 295 463-472.


We present an analysis of the Hipparcos photometry of the contact binary systems UX Ret and CN Hyi. The Wilson-Devinney code is employed to model the V band light curve for several fixed values of the mass ratio. From the quality-of-fit of the different solutions a final solution is derived for each system. Absolute values of the system are derived using the parallax data from the Hipparcos catalog. Analysis of the V band photometry of two stars (EL Aqr and FN Cam) with spectroscopically known mass ratios is also provided as a validation for the methods adopted for this study.



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