Developing Foods with Fibre Effects



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Beck, E., Tapsell, L. C., Batterham, M. & Huang, X. 2008, Developing Foods with Fibre Effects, Yokohama, Japan, 8-11 Sep, 2008.


Aim: The aim of this research was to test the efficacy of manipulating dietary soluble fibre while matching other macronutrients in a weight reduction intervention. The proposed mechanism was an increase in satiety to aid dietary compliance in the intervention groups. Methods: Foods were developed using a range of fibre doses. An acute meal test study measured biochemical markers, subjective measures of satiety and meal intake data. Results from this study informed development of cereal and snack products to be included in the weight loss study. Dietary compliance in the intervention trial was then measured using 3-day food records and dietary interview by an accredited practicing dietitian. Results: Dietary compliance in all groups was high with a significant reduction in energy intake throughout the study compared to the baseline diets (P=0.000). The significant difference in fibre intakes between control and intervention groups could be accounted for by the products supplied to the subjects, ensuring manipulation of levels of soluble fibre. Conclusion: Manipulation of a fibre is possible but significant product development is required.

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