Editorial: Supporting the Development of Dietetics, An Australian Perspective



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Tapsell, L. C. (2005). Editorial: Supporting the Development of Dietetics, An Australian Perspective. Nutrition Today, 40 (5), 202-204.


In this issue, an Australian dietitian working in Boston for 2 years returns home and reflects on her experience. With a focus on her background in Victoria, Australia, she considers the potential benefits of union activity to support the development of a career structure in the hospital dietetics setting. This Editorial is based on a summary of the presentation I gave at the International Congress of Dietetics meeting in Chicago 2004. It drew on activities conducted through the Dietitians Association of Australia toward the future of the profession. The two articles provide an opportunity to differentiate between the advocacy of unions in negotiating terms and conditions in the workplace specifically, and the advocacy of the professional association in creating a supportive environment for career development generally. Recognizing the synergies between the two will enable practitioners to build more effective careers within a range of employment contexts.

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