Development and evaluation of foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil



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Murphy, K., Mansour, J., Patch, C. S., Mori, T., Meyer, B. J., Tapsell, L. C., Noakes, M., Clifton, P., Puddey, I. & Howe, P. (2004). Development and evaluation of foods enriched with omega-3 fatty acids from fish oil. Asia Pacific Journal of Clinical Nutrition (abstract), 13 51.


Aim - To develop a novel range of processed foods enriched with Omega3 from fish oil; to assess the feasibility of targeted dietary advice to achieve an intake of 1g Omega3/d based on regular use of these foods; to see if regular consumption of these foods can improve cardiovascular health. Design - Volunteers who were overweight and had elevated plasma lipids were enrolled in a 6-month dietary intervention trial at Adelaide (n= 50) and Perth (n= 44). A variety of Omega3 enriched foods and matching control foods including bread, milk, spread, eggs, biscuits, cereals, soups, pancake mix, muffin mix, salad dressing, dips, snacks and chocolates were prepared for the trial by Goodman Fielder Ltd. Subjects were randomised to choose 8 serves per day from a selection of either control or enriched foods (about 125mg Omega3 per serve) and to substitute them for equivalent foods in their regular diet. Dietary compliance, food preferences and a range of cardiovascular biomarkers were assessed initially and at 3 and 6 months. Outcomes - The trial is still in progress; 44 Adelaide and 37 Perth subjects remain in the study after 3 months. They are consuming on average 6.5 serves of test foods (about 800 mg Omega3 in the case of enriched foods) daily. Except for bread, Omega3 enriched foods are liked as much as control foods. Conclusions - This long term study in free-living subjects indicates that intakes of marine Omega3 can be substantially increased through provision of a variety of Omega3 enriched processed foods.