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Oades, L.G. & Crowe, T.P. (2008). Life Journey Enhancement Tools (LifeJET). Illawarra Institute for Mental Health, University of Wollongong, 18p.


The domain of life planning and personal development includes the important techniques of values clarification, strengths identification, goal setting and action planning. In the past two decades practices such as life coaching have grown in popularity (Green, Oades & Grant, 2006). Moreover, in mental health contexts, the recovery movement has challenged the illness and deficit focus (Andresen, Caputi, Oades, 2006; Oades et al, 2005) whilst within the discipline of psychology, the positive psychology movement has questioned the negative focus of clinical psychology (Resnick & Rosenheck, 2006). It is however easier to critique an existing area than the provide suggestions and tools to act based on the critique. By focusing on positive concepts such as visions, values, strengths (Linley & Harrington, 2000), goals (Clarke, Oades & Crowe, 2007) and actions (Kelly, Deane, Kazantzis, Crowe, Oades, 2006) the underlying philosophy of growth and development can be realised in tangible ways.