Role of Dietary Factors: Macronutrients



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Storlien, L. H., Tapsell, L. C. & Calvert, D. (2000). Role of Dietary Factors: Macronutrients. Nutrition Reviews, 58 (3), S7-S9.


Insulin resistance is an important early marker of the metabolic syndrome disease cluster. Our understanding of the role of dietary macronutrients in the etiology of insulin resistance is currently limited by a paucity of credible intervention studies in humans. In contemplating such studies there are many issues that need consideration from actual study design (e.g., duration of intervention, study population, cross-over or not, nutrient formulation) to practical issues such as palatability and compliance (i.e., that terribly important issue of achievability because realistically individuals must be "free range" in order to complete studies of sufficient duration). Initiatives to support well-designed multicenter studies on diet and insulin resistance would have a major impact on our ability to treat, but more importantly to prevent, the metabolic syndrome diseases.