Charting the NCIC's future: stakeholder support for identified options



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Ashbury, F. D., Iverson, D. C., Shepherd, P. J. & Hachey, C. (1995). Charting the NCIC's future: stakeholder support for identified options. The Canadian Journal of Oncology, 5 (1), 314-327.


The National Cancer Institute of Canada (NCIC) conducted a survey of representatives of its stakeholder populations (members of the cancer research and control communities, past and present NCIC grantees, senior administrators in academic institutions, NCIC governing committee representatives and major partners) to get input on proposals to restructure the NCIC's research programs. The survey results demonstrate support for changes that are likely to significantly alter how the NCIC operates as well as the programs it sponsors. The results suggest support for increasing the percentage of NCIC funds allocated to the Individual Operating Grants area and for changing the NCIC's programs and operating procedures. While there was widespread support for an NCIC-sponsored regional development initiative, many issues remain unresolved, such as what type of cancer research to develop within the provinces.