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This article was originally published as Probst, Y, Tapsell, L and Batterham M, Relationships between patient age and BMI and use of a self-administered computerised dietary assessment in a primary healthcare setting, Journal of food composition, 21, 2008, S56-59.


The objective of this paper was to determine relationships between patient age and BMI and use of a self-administered dietary assessment website in the primary healthcare setting. Chi- square and ordinal regression models were used to determine the relationships between age and BMI and computer experience, ownership, and usage from 188 patients using a self-administered dietary assessment website over 12 months. One hundred and twenty-five (66.5%) female and 63 (33.5%) male patients used the website. A total of 72.9% were overweight (BMI425 kg/m2). Advanced/intermediate computer users were 17.1 times more likely to own a computer than beginners or patients who had never used a computer. Patients with a higher BMI were 1.9 times (P ¼ 0.04) more likely to use the computer at home than in the GP practice, and patients aged o35 years and using the computer at home were 16.8 times more likely to be advanced computer users than patients aged 456 years using the computer in the GP practice. Finding innovative ways for overweight patients in the primary healthcare setting to report intakes may include the use of computers. Overweight patients may feel greater comfort having their diet assessed in their own home and any social desirability bias related to food and/or the interviewer may be decreased due to the limited face-to-face contact required.



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