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This article was originally published as Cleary, T, Lee, M, Natha, B & Turner, N, The visual system and primary care optometry - encounters with the extraordinary, Illuminate, 5, 2008, 23-26.


This paper will examine three primary care presentations of disease at different levels of the basic visual pathway encountered over the last year at OPSM Wollongong. This approach will serve to engage the reader with both revision of the nature of vision and an open ended evidence based approach to optometry practice and education. Professional educational development is fundamental to our role as health professionals and this paper’s collaborative effort briefly explores and expresses the group dynamic as a team of optometrists approach this responsibility. The authors hope that this thematic group based approach is repeatable in other teams of primary care clinicians. We acknowledge and commend the work involved with producing Illuminate over the last two years and hope that this legacy of accessible quality education and research can be built upon in future editions as the profession continues to develop a culture of primary care led investigation.