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Phillipson, L., Magee, C., Jones, S. C., Reis, S. & Skladzien, E. (2011). Dementia, stigma and intentions to help-seek: a pilot study of Australian adults 40 to 65 years. Alzheimer's Australia 14th National Conference Alzheimer's Australia.


Stigma (prejudice or negative stereotypes associated with personal attributes such the presence of ill health or disease) is an important concept as it has the potential to adversely impact on social exclusion, help seeking behaviours and the utilisation of health and social services. Whilst limited international research suggests that there may be stigma associated with dementia, this paper presents results from the first comprehensive study to explore stigma towards dementia in Australia. Results from an online survey of Australian adults (45-60 years) outline the nature and presence of negative attitudes or stereotypes towards dementia and people living with dementia, and examine which information sources may have informed these perceptions. Implications are discussed in relation to the need for action or interventions that may be necessary to shift changes in public perceptions and attitudes in relation to dementia.