Preparation for professional practice: enhancing practice



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Brown, RA, Brown, AM & Middleton, R, Preparation for professional practice: enhancing practice, In Brown, RA (Eds), Enhancing Practice 10, 2010, p 53-53, Belfast, Northern Ireland.


The preparation of the new generation of practitioners should be seen as co-terminous with enhancing practice. In designing the undergraduate nursing curriculum, we have reflected on the concepts of enhancing practice, specifically reflecting the principles 1, 2 and 8 of practice development (Manley, McCormack & Wilson 2008). In the final semester the opportunity to embed these practice development principles in two separate but inter related subjects presents itself. In this workshop the facilitators will create an environment of creative curriculum implementation that recreates their journey to the development of these two subjects. Through the use of practice development tools and techniques participants will be enabled to share experiences of using PD in developing learning opportunities; reflect on the implications for creating learning opportunities and consider the value added for the student as they become newly registered nurses.

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