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Marshall, SL, Crowe, TP, Oades, LG, Deane, FF & Kavanagh, DJ, A Review of Consumer Involvement in Evaluations of Case Management: Consistency With a Recovery Paradigm, Psychiatric Services, 58(3), 2007, p 396-401.


This Open Forum examines research on case management that draws on consumer perspectives. It clarifies the extent of consumer involvement and whether evaluations were informed by recovery perspectives. Searches of three databases revealed 13 studies that sought to investigate consumer perspectives. Only one study asked consumers about experiences of recovery. Most evaluations did not adequately assess consumers' views, and active consumer participation in research was rare. Supporting an individual's recovery requires commitment to a recovery paradigm that incorporates traditional symptom reduction and improved functioning, with broader recovery principles, and a shift in focus from illness to well-being. It also requires greater involvement of consumers in the implementation of case management and ownership of their own recovery process, not just in research that evaluates the practice.



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