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Akter, S., Michael, K., Uddin, M., McCarthy, G. & Rahman, M. (2020). Transforming Business Using Digital Innovations: The Application of AI, Blockchain, Cloud and Data Analytics. Annals of Operations Research, Online First 1-33.


This study explores digital business transformation through the lens of four emerging technology fields: artificial intelligence, blockchain, cloud and data analytics (i.e., ABCD). Specifically, the study investigates the operations and value propositions of these distinct but increasingly converging technologies. Due to the dynamic nature of innovation, the potential of this ABCD hybridization, integration, recombination and convergence has yet to be considered. Using a multidisciplinary approach, the findings of the study show wide-reaching and diverse applications among a variety of vertical sectors, presenting exploratory research avenues for future investigation. The study also highlights the practical implications of these new technologies.

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