For some or all? Debating the value of inclusive and exclusive approaches to talent management



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Wiblen, S. (2020). For some or all? Debating the value of inclusive and exclusive approaches to talent management. In T. Dundon & A. Wilkinson (Eds.), Case Studies in Work, Employment and Human Resource Management (pp. 118-122). Cheltenham, United Kingdom: Edward Elgar.


ProfessionalCo (an assumed name) operates within the professional services industry and delivers knowledge-based services and is structured as a member firm of a larger private listed company, headquartered in the United Kingdom, and operating in over 150 countries. ProfessionalCo is responsible for the Asia-Pacific region, with this part of the multinational business self-described as one of the largest management consultancy firms operating within the region. Clients engage ProfessionalCo’s services via a distinct Business Unit (BU), which offers deep expertise in various areas of speciality including consulting, accounting, finance, taxation, digital transformation and strategy. While able to operate independently, the firm maintains a partnership business structure with two levels of seniority – equity partner and non-equity partner – creating a situation whereby equity partners are simultaneous “employers” and “employees” as revenue and equity are distributed amongst these stakeholders. The senior executive team comprising the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Chief Strategy Officer (CSO), Chief Operating Officer (COO) and Chief Financial Officer (CFO), are responsible for setting the firm’s strategic direction.

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