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O'Brien, M. & Freund, K. (2018). Lessons learned from introducing social media use in undergraduate economics research. International Journal of Education and Development Using Information and Communication Technology, 14 (1), 4-16.

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University of the West Indies


The research process and associated literacy requirements are often unfamiliar and daunting obstacles for undergraduate students. The use of social media has the potential to assist research training and encourage active learning, social inclusion and student engagement. This paper documents the lessons learned from developing a blended learning model for undergraduate economics research incorporating social media blogging at a regional university in Australia. Student surveys, interviews with colleagues and students, in addition to a review of higher education literature highlight key issues associated with the choice of social media platform, need for clarity in assessment design, and assumptions of student proficiency with social media. The process of applying these findings to the design of a new subject are documented, highlighting a number of unanticipated institutional obstacles. It is hope that our findings will be practical and useful for instructors to consider when contemplating the introduction of social media to their teaching and learning practices

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