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McCarthy, G., Almeida, S. & Ahrens, J. (2010). Employee wellbeing in Australian organisations - a snapshot of current practices. 24th Australian New Zealand Academy of Management Annual Conference Southport, QLD, Australia: Anzam.


Research has shown that employee wellbeing is associated with a range of positive outcomes such as reduced stress and improved productivity. The aim was to assess the nature and prevalence of wellbeing programs in Australian organisations. An email invitation was sent to 3471 HR professionals in Australia of whom 313 responded to the online survey (9%). Findings indicate that this small subset of Australian HR professionals consider that the benefits of well-being programs outweigh the costs and have a variety of initiatives in place which contribute to employee wellbeing. However, the low response rate may suggest that many organisations do not yet recognise the importance of promoting wellbeing at work.

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