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Edwards, M. & Styger, L. (2018). An Exploration into the "Over the Wall Handling" Phenomenon of Aid and Development Supply Chain Systems. Universal Journal of Management, 6 (11), 445-459.


This paper provides some insight regarding the causes and implications of waste within Aid and Development programs and the impact on Aid effectiveness. In order to understand this better, a comparative case study analysis of three Aid and Development programs using a systems mapping process was used to identify major constraints within these supply chain systems. This work identified a complex matrix of nodal links within these systems that correspond to the flow of both funding and value creation. The findings point to Aid and Development supply chain systems being a closed loop system where much of the funding can be retained within the system and not distributed to the recipient to the expected level. Importantly this paper discussed a "law" of diminishing returns in Aid and Development programs, where it is identified that the larger the supply chain systems is, the more funding remains within that system and as such, it demonstrates that there are significant overarching constraints limiting the impact and effectiveness of Aid and Development to the end recipient.

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