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Richardson, L. P., McGowan, C. G. & Styger, L. E. J. (2018). A Quality Approach to Masters Education Using an Australian Case Study -- A Reflection. Universal Journal of Educational Research, 6 (8), 1837-1847.


By the start of 2015 all University courses in Australia were required to be compliant with the new the Australian Qualifications Framework (AQF). Quality in higher education seeks to achieve three goals - quality of design, quality of conformance and quality of performance. This paper brings together a number of higher education principles such as double loop learning, team teaching and heutagogy in order to satisfy these quality requirements. A pilot program was established to satisfy the changes to the Australian regulatory framework for tertiary education. The paper streamlines integrated ways to bring these aspects together that have not previously been identified in higher education publications. The specific focus is for an MBA course delivered in an Australian regional university. The result is a reflection of the application of the newly devised quality principled based heutagogical double loop learning cycle. The model can assist educational administrators and course developers to facilitate students in becoming independent lifelong self-motivated capable learners while at the same time ensuring the quality assurance principles are met.



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