The Australian corporate closet: Why it's still so full!



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Smith, I. P. & McCarthy, G. (2017). The Australian corporate closet: Why it's still so full!. Journal of Gay and Lesbian Mental Health, 21 (4), 327-351.


Research into discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and identity is becoming increasingly relevant in the workplace. Discrimination in the form of heterosexism of LGBT employees continues to be a problem. The aim of this study was to design a model to better understand the antecedents and outcomes of workplace heterosexist discrimination in Australia. Using a structural equa tion modelling framework, the relationship between these variables was used to predict the well-being of employees in the Australian labor market. Well-being was measured in the form of psychological well-being, job satisfaction, satisfaction with life, and mental health. The study indicated that disclosure and concealment of sexual orientation in the Australian workplace are not significantly affected by direct and indirect heterosexism. The study demonstrates that organizational support plays a large role in influencing the type of heterosexism which is present in the Australian workplace. The study indicated that when organizational support for LGBT employees is promoted in the form of policies and activities endorsing these policies, direct heterosexist behaviors decrease but indirect heterosexist behaviors increase. This relationship was completely mediated by direct and indirect heterosexism.

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