The Other Glass Ceiling: Fathers Stepping Up, Mothers Letting Go



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Areni, C. S. & Holden, S. S. (2014). The Other Glass Ceiling: Fathers Stepping Up, Mothers Letting Go. Sydney, Australia: Darlington Press.


The other glass ceiling offers an insightful male perspective to a debate on the lack of work-family balance in modern day families. Based on research and full of entertaining anecdotes, this book challenges the predominant gender roles that expect a mother to care for her family and doubt her commitment to a career, while at the same time requiring a father to provide for his family financially and doubting his ability to look after his own children. This is the other glass ceiling - the one reflected in gender inequity in the family home and preventing equality in parenting. The other glass ceiling is perpetuated by both genders equally, and the solution requires compromises from both sides. Charles Areni and Stephen Holden encourage dads to 'step up', to take on a bigger share of the burden of home duties. They encourage mums to 'let go', to let dad get involved in child-rearing, and to bring to the task his own skills and approaches. Breaking through this other glass ceiling will be good for mum, good for dad - oh, and good for the children too!

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