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Rahman, K. & Areni, C. S. (2009). Service brand relationship matrix: brand strategy for services. Proceedings of the 10th International Business Research Conference (pp. 1-12). Melbourne, Australia: World Business Institute.


Brand architecture is a set of interlinked building blocks reflecting the levels of branding, from higher level corporate brands to lower level product sub-brands, and the linkages amongst them (Uncles et al., 1995). For example, not only is the powerful linkage between Nestle and its subbrand KitKat synergistic but also the association of each benefits the image of the other. Little research has been done to understand branding decisions at the sub-brand level in services sector. The branding of sub-brands in services has been implicitly assumed to be either identical to the branding of sub-brands for physical goods, or simply not at all relevant to services marketing. We address two issues in this paper. We have made an attempt to (a) conceptualize sub-brands within the context of brand architecture strategies; (b) use Aaker and Joachimsthaler's "brand relationship spectrum" (2000a) to develop a "service brand relationship matrix" (SBRM) to understand brand architectures in services.