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Rahman, K. & Areni, C. S. (2010). Quantifying qualitative data: a novel approach to measure brand associations. In M. K. Brady & M. D. Hartline (Eds.), 2010 AMA Winter Educators' Conference: Marketing Theory and Applications (pp. 344-345). United States of America: American Marketing Association.

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2010 AMA Winter Educators’ Conference


The branding literature suggests that not all brand associations are equal and the strength, uniqueness and valence of brand associations need to be considered when measuring brand associations (Keller 1993). We provide an approach to address all these dimensions simultaneously. Using a pilot study, uniqueness of brand associations is determined by coding associations into several mutually exclusive meaning components. The serial order of free association elicitation is used to assess association strength. This serial order, combined with a measure of valence, is used to create a quantification of open-ended brand associations called a “Weighted Valence Index” (WVI). Then, the WVI is used to predict brand attitudes.

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