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Areni, C. S. (2011). Consumer co-creation of product quality: examining home advantage in State-of-Origin rugby. Proceeding of the ANZMAC 2011 Conference (pp. 1-7).


Results of 84 State of Origin rugby league matches were analysed to determine the extent of home advantage(HA). When the Queensland Maroons play at home in Lang Park/Suncorp Stadium they win 64% of the time (30 wins, 17 losses), with an average point spread of +4.32 points. However, they win only 43% of the time (16 losses, 21 losses) when they are away in New South Wales, with the average spread of-2.76. The contingencies for winning percentage (21 = 3.55, p < .06) and point spread (t1,83 = 2.5, p < .02) are significant, indicating that HA exists.

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