Affect and consumer behavior



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Cohen, J. B. & Areni, C. S. (1991). Affect and consumer behavior. In T. S. Robertson & H. H. Kassarjian (Eds.), Handbook of Consumer Behavior (pp. 188-240). Englewood Cliffs, N.J: Prentice-Hall.


The influence of affect on consumers' psychological functioning and behavior is quite pervasive, though it is often undramatic and sometimes subtle enough to be unrecognized. The chapter begins with a brief historical perspective on the nature of psychological inquiry involving affect. Next, it identifies and describes streams of research in various subdisciplines of psychology that address the content of affect and its relationship to cognition, motivation, and behavior. A comprehensive review of the relevant consumer behavior literature follows. The concluding section presents a conceptual model emphasizing the multistage interaction between affect and the cognitive system in response to an external stimulus such as an advertisement.

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