Researching peculiarity of entrepreneurs: from positivism to social constructivism



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Gamage, H. R. & Wickramasinghe, A. (2014). Researching peculiarity of entrepreneurs: from positivism to social constructivism. Journal of Entrepreneurship Education, 17 (2), 91-100.

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Journal of Entrepreneurship Education


This paper attempts to uncover the social reality of entrepreneurship from South Asian context. Socio-culturally-bound actors, social actions and outputs in entrepreneurial activity requires context-sensitivity, expressed through cognizance of institutional characteristics, the interface between cultural values and business, and historical and cultural forces which impact on entrepreneurship. Successful theories of entrepreneurship in the South Asia need to be formed in context sensitivity shaped by local culture and values. This paper, therefore, outlines the development of a research framework and a research process used to better understand links between society, community and entrepreneurial activity in the South Asia. This process brought new insights of the interplay between social realities and the field of entrepreneurial activity.

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