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Styger, L. (2013). An identification of the current constraints of knowledge business modelling as a strategic decision making tool. Toulon-Verona Conference (pp. 1-7).

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Toulon-Verona Conference


Business models are widely used and it might be argued, have an important role to play in assisting users to develop, plan and analyse their organisations better. Typically, many business models are however poorly understood and executed by their users. This often leads to inappropriate decision making and the wrong strategic direction being implemented. There are complex and interrelated factors for the poor execution of business modelling, however, some of the key influencing factors include, lack of training, a disassociation of the graphical representation from the narrative, and the lack of formal rules in the use of the business models. Current work has focused on establishing the first principle of novel knowledge business models, where it is proposed that a rules based system, can be employed to deliver stronger and more meaningful outcomes for users. This paper represents a current work in progress and discusses the current constraints on the establishment of knowledge business models, and it also discusses the first experimentation into the development of three-dimensional business modelling as a possible means of overcoming some of the constraints.

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