Between 'me-time' and household duty: Male and female home internet use



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Ahrens, J. (2013). Between 'me-time' and household duty: Male and female home internet use. Media International Australia Incorporating Culture and Policy: quarterly journal of media research and resources, 146 (2013), 60-68.


This study draws from principles of the domestication concept to assess the ways in which heterosexual couples (N=48) utilise internet technology in their homes in Australia and Germany. A qualitative research design was employed to examine the integration of the internet into the household. The results focus on the time and content integration of the internet. Differences were found between the genders regarding internet use in that the interviewed women - particularly mothers - tended to use the internet more for work, household and children's activity organisation while men tended to use it to obtain solitude. In particular, German women were more interested in trying out new online activities. Also, some interviewed men use the internet to exhibit their technological prowess. It seems that a reproduction of traditional gender roles is still apparent in the context of household internet usage, especially for parents.

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