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Styger, L. (2013). Repositioning the business of sustainable manufacturing. 117th Metalcasting Congress and CastExpo'13 (pp. 1-8). St. Louis, Missouri: American Foundry Society.


The current contextual reference of sustainable manufacturing has typically been influenced by contemporary and academic literature to a point where a myopic view could be said to exist, that places the concept of sustainability outside that of commercial operating principles. Furthermore, recent decisions concerning supply integration and commissioning are typically being based around issues such as short term risk mitigation, and early steps towards developing protocols focused on corporate social responsibility introduce further pressure into businesses, that could lead to a significant hiatus in operating efficiency. Recent research has indicated that in many cases, supply networks are fragmented and lack the connectivity that ultimately precludes true sustainability and competitiveness. This paper provides a brief comparison between current theory and actual practices in sustainable business, and illustrates a model of sustainability that places the customer at the core.

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