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Ross, P., McGowan, C. & Styger, L. (2012). A comparison of theory and practice in market intelligence gathering for Australian micro-businesses and SMEs. 19th International Business Research Conference: Research for Re-thinking (pp. 1-17). Australia: Social Science Research Network.


Recent government sponsored research has demonstrated that there is a gap between the theory and practice of market intelligence gathering within the Australian micro, small and medium businesses (SMEs). Typically, there is a significant amount of information in literature about "what needs to be done", however, there is little insight in terms of how market intelligence gathering should occur. This paper provides a novel insight and a comparison between the theory and practices of market intelligence gathering of micro-business and SMEs in Australia and demonstrates an anomoly in so far as typically the literature does not match what actually occurs in practice. A model for market intelligence gathering for micro-businesses and SMEs is also discussed.

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