Role of supply chain mapping in sustainable supply chain management



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Jayaratne, P., Styger, L. & Perera, N. (2012). Role of supply chain mapping in sustainable supply chain management. 2nd International Conference on Management (2nd ICM 2012) (pp. 131-148). Malaysia: Conference Master Resources.


Sustainability as a concept has created enormous pressure on supply chain management. During the last few decades companies from all sectors of industry have not only needed to deliver quality products right on time, but they now also have to comply with environmental, economical, ethical and the social pressures placed on the business. To improve supply chain performance, managers should know exactly what is happening along their supply chain. It is therefore argued that supply chain mapping will deliver insights into the complexity of a supply network and should be the first step in any business if performance or overall sustainability is to be improved. This paper focuses on the role of supply chain mapping in relation to establishing a framework for sustainability. Current research results show that supply chain mapping can provide a significant insight into the complexity and hidden details of a supply network. To-date, this research has demonstrated that, in the context of Sri Lankan tea supply chain, the network is non-rational and does not display a linear graphic, but rather a complex network that is intertwined with many player and stakeholder interactions outside of typical value creation perspectives.

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