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Rix, M., The Case of Dr Mohamed Haneef: An Australian 'Terrorism Drama' with British Connections, Plymouth Law Review, 2, Autumn, 2009. A version of this paper was also published under the title 'The Show Must Go On: The Drama of Dr Mohamed Haneef and the Theatre of Counter-Terrorism', in Nicola McGarrity, Andrew Lynch and George Williams (eds), Counter-Terrorism and Beyond: The Culture of Law and Justice after 9/11, Routledge, Abingdon Oxon, 2010, 199-216.

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Plymouth Law Review


This article examines the treatment of Dr Mohamed Haneef, an Indian doctor arrested under Australia‟s anti-terrorism legislation in July 2007 as Australian authorities including the Australian Federal Police, Commonwealth Director of Public Prosecutions, Australian Security Intelligence Organisation, (wrongfully) believed that he was linked to the terrorist attack at Glasgow airport in June 2007. The actions and responses of these two agencies, and the subsequent judicial inquiry are reviewed in the light of the media‟s role and press coverage as the case unfolded.

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