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Styger, L. (2012). An exploration of applying rules based system modelling into a quality management framework - extending the quality triangle. 15th Toulon-Verona Conference: Excellence in Services


The construct of quality management has moved on greatly since the "quality policing" concepts of the 1980's. Continual improvement and customer centric business development philosophies have become the norm within a "total" business environment. Typically, organisations exploit a series of matrices, templates and models to monitor and control their operations. It has however been noted that, often, due to minimal formal user centric instructions being available, even simple quality and business models are misused and fail to deliver their potential to impact on the business. This paper discusses the possibilities of applying knowledge based engineering fundamentals into quality and business frameworks and discusses a scenario where live, interactive benchmarking and predicative analysis could become common place within business design and improvement modelling.

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