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This conference paper was originally published as Kusumawati, A, Privatisation and marketisation of Indonesian public universities : a systematic review of student choice criteria literature, The Indonesian Student International Conference 2010, Thinking of home while away : the contribution of Indonesian students studying overseas for education in Indonesia, Melbourne, Australia, 16-18 July 2010.


The transformation of higher education from the dependency on government funding to the competitive funding market indicates that universities have to compete for students in the recruitment markets. As the result, the motivating factors for students in choosing a university have undergone change also and the role of marketing in student recruitment has increasingly important. This study approach has entailed systematically searching, collecting and reviewing of the pertinent and recent literature from relevant databases. The purpose of this systematic review is to explore the nature of the privatisation and marketisatisation of higher education especially in the student choice context. The findings indicate that universities need to market their institution and establish a unique difference in order to highlight their strengths and to give the students a reason to choose a university. Previous research also reveals that university choice factors are varied. A useful way to understand these recruitment markets is to have a clear perspective of the choice and decision making process that students use to select a university.

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