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Chadrakumara, A., Sparrow, P. R. & Perera, N. (2010). Impact of work values and ethics on citizenship and task performance in local and foreign invested firms: a test in a developing country context. 11th International Human Resource Management Conference (pp. 1-25). Birmingham, UK: Aston Business School.

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International Human Resource Management Conference


This study examines the impact of work values and individual characteristics on organisational citizenship behaviour (OCB) and task performance (TP). A theoretical foundation was developed in order to use work values and ethics as antecedents of OCB. Using five work related values orientations and 416 responses from Sri Lankan manufacturing sector employees, it is found that gender, employment category, and level of education influence citizenship performance. Importantly, the impact of work values on OCB is found to be more significant than that of demographic factors, with three dimensions (work norms, work ethics, and intrinsic values) found to be significant in influencing OCB. Differences between foreign invested firms and local firms are also found with regard to the impact of demographic factors and work values on OCB. Overall, the study contributes to theories and application of work values and OCB.

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