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Leung, N. K. Y.., Lau, S. Kim. & Fan, J. (2008). A design and input-specific classification framework of ontology matching techniques. In J. Richardson & A. Ellis (Eds.), Australian World Wide Web Conference (pp. 71-80). Lismore, NSW, Australia: Southern Cross University.

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Ontology matching can be defined as the process of discovering similarities between two ontologies and it can be processed exploiting a number of different techniques. To provide a common conceptual basis, researchers have started to develop classifications to distinguish them. The most significant one is the classification proposed by Shvaiko and Euzenat to compare different existing ontology mediation systems as well as to design a new one. Although the classification is developed conscientiously, there are still some improper identifications and vague categories. Thus, a design and input-specific classification framework of ontology matching techniques that consists of executive approach, basic technique and input layers is proposed to address the above problems based on the findings of the literature survey. The framework provides not only a clear guideline on designing new mediation tool in accordance with the relationships among the three different layers but also an effective method to identify the type of the matching technique and its related executive approach simply by comparing input of mediation system with the input layer in the proposed framework.

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