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Chandrakumara, A., Glynn, J., Gunathilake, H. W. & Senevirathne, S. P. (2010). Cultural values and demographic correlates of citizenship performance. International Employment Relations Review, 16 (1), 28-52.


This study examines the impact of cultural values on citizenship performance (CP) in the context of a developing country. Although differences in CP across cultures have been examined, the situation in developing countries is often not clear. Using a sample of 362 Sri Lankan employees, it is found that gender and education have significant impact on CP. While collectivism, future orientation, and uncertainty avoidance are found to be positively related to CP, power distance and masculinity values are negatively correlated with CP. It is also evident that the same cultural value orientation can have both positive and negative impacts on CP, depending on the particular aspect of CP. The findings reveal that developing countries are not totally different from developed countries as far as the impact of cultural values on CP is concerned. The study contributes to the advancement of CP theories of individual differences and cultural values and relevant knowledge pertaining to developing countries. Implications of findings are discussed and suggestions are offered for further research.

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