Imagining occupational therapy



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Townsend, E., Wicks, A., van Bruggen, H. & Wright-St Clair, V. (2012). Imagining occupational therapy. British Journal of Occupational Therapy, 75 (1), 42-44.


‘Imagining occupational therapy’ expresses the opinions of four occupational therapists from Canada, Europe, Australia and New Zealand whose combined experience spans 152 years, an average of 38 years. Meeting serendipitously in March 2011, they reflected on the question: Why do we continue to practise and call ourselves occupational therapists when many colleagues have left the profession well before retirement? Igniting conversations were questions and vignettes about their professional lives and their profession. The aim of this opinion piece is to kindle other occupational therapists in imagining a future world for themselves and their profession, just as kindling grass and sticks may fuel a fire.

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