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Choi, T. (2010). Interconnection between motives and performances of internationalisation processes. 30th Annual International Conference of the Strategic Management Society SMS 2010 (pp. 1-7). Italy: Strategic Management Society.


Over the last thirty years, scholars vigorously attempted to theorise internationalisation of the firm based on analysis of firms’ internationalisation processes. Many studies attempt to explain the motives of firms’ decisions to commence internationalisation processes. This is because motives are triggered by both internal and external forces or factors that a firm’s decision-makers take into account when considering whether to initiate the internationalisation process. Scholars in this field argue that although the vast majority of studies around internationalisation processes capture firms’ activities upon actual commencement of the internationalisation process, they overlook the actual factors that lead firms to initiate such processes. This paper attempts to dismantle the internationalisation processes of a cultural firm and to explore interconnection between motives and performances of internationalisation processes. The paper stipulates that firm’s internationalisation processes are interlinked to forces/factors of both internal and external environment.

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