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Rix, M. D. & Burrows, S. (2005). The foundations of legal citizenship: Community law, access to, justice and the community legal sector. Alternative Law Journal, 30 (3), 112-116.

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Alternative Law Journal


The conventional role of community legal centres (CLCs) is as specialists in community law. As specialists in community law. CLCs playa vital role in giving practical meaning to the notion of legal citizenship and to the concept of the citizen within the communities they serve. CLCs should also be seen as having a broader role beyond community law, one that encompasses legal citizenship. This concept of a broader role for CLCs is alien to the way most government funding authorities, CLC clients and many CLCs view themselves. However, viewing CLCs in terms of legal citizenship provides an opportunity to focus on how CLCs assist citizens to defend and extend their rights in the areas of civil, administrative and family law.

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