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Williams, K. E., Lainchbury, A. & Eagar, K. M. (2005). Evaluation of a midwifery model of care. Australian Health Outcomes Conference, Wollongong, Australia: Australian Health Outcome Collaboration.

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Australian Health Outcomes Conference


Midwifery Group Practice (MGP) is a model of care designed to provide 'low risk' pregnant women with continuous care by one midwife throughout pregnancy, labour and birth and the early postnatal period. A one-year trial of this model concluded in June 2005 at Wollongong Hospital.

Evaluation of the MGP program focused on clinical outcomes and consumer acceptance. Data sources included peer reviews of selected cases and satisfaction surveys of the women who took part. During the antenatal, intrapartum and postpartum periods, midwives noted any deviations from normal and followed specified criteria for consultation and referral to other health professionals. Women who developed risk factors or complications during pregnancy or during delivery were transferred off the program into routine care.

Trial data demonstrate that a model of continuous primary care by midwives can operate safely and effectively, with very high levels of consumer satisfaction.

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