Yue Zhou Lin


This is the Abstract of the English-language article by Yue Zhou Lin (Joe Lin) on recent Gramsci studies in China. We give his own English-language presentation of the article here below as an extended Abstract.


Over the last two decades, Gramscian research in China has shifted away from seeing Gramsci as a Western Marxist, from studying the philosophy of praxis to grappling with the concept of hegemony, and from only interpreting Gramsci’s thought to examining social problems in China through Gramscian lenses. However, Gramscian scholarship in China is found problematic too, namely, the misappropriation of the concept of hegemony, the lack of consideration of Gramsci’s other concepts, especially the integral State, and still relatively a dearth of studies on Chinese intellectuals using Gramsci’s concept of (organic) intellectuals. It is within this acknowledgment that the article suggests eight new frontiers that would advance Gramscian scholarship in China.

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