The International Gramsci Journal (IGJ) is produced in electronic format. It aims to publish scholarship on aspects of Antonio Gramsci’s life and writings, and on contemporary applications of his theories to the modern world. IGJ aims to publish in Italian, Spanish and English. We publish both peer-reviewed articles and shorter “Gramsci notes”. In the future we aim to publish book reviews of works that employ Gramscian concepts and theories. As a new journal IGJ relies on the efforts of a small group of colleagues in Australia, but we aim to be a global journal. To make IGJ work we need your help. If you have a piece of writing that you think would be suitable for IGJ, or have students who you could encourage to submit to IGJ, we would welcome the opportunity to review and publish new scholarship or shorter pieces in translation. IGJ No. 2 for the first time has original research in Italian, Spanish and English. On behalf of the editorial team I hope that you find something of interest to you in IGJ No. 2.

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