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Conference Paper

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This conference paper was originally published as Ashford-Rowe, K, Applying a design-based research approach to the determination and application of the critical elements of an authentic assessment, Proceedings of the Emerging Technologies Conference, University of Wollongong, 18-21 June 2008.


This paper describes the research approach and methodology used to conduct a doctoral study to determine and apply the critical elements of an authentic assessment. It begins with a description of the design-based research approach that was used as an overall framework for the research study, followed by a description of the methodology used to collect the data required to answer the research questions, and concludes by briefly describing the four phases applied in the use of design-based research. The intention of this paper is to outline the application of this research process in a design-based context, and not to engage in a more detailed consideration as to the relative value of design-based research itself.