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Creative Work

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Richard Hook and Jelle Van den Berg, Fluid Mechanics [exhibition], Wollongong City Gallery, 10 May - 6 July, 2008. To view the exhibition catalogue click here. To view the artists' webpage click here.



Research background

Fluid Mechanics is a body of prints and paintings undertaken by Illawarra-based artists, Jelle van den Berg and Richard Hook and exhibited by invitation at the Wollongong City Gallery. They have chosen the sea as the starting point for a series of abstract meditations about spaces, energies and the mystery of that most powerful force in nature. This exhibition seeks to combine the representation of the ocean as well as the abstract structures that form a web of references to tides, flow and the mechanics of constant flux and movement present on the Pacific’s edge.

Research contribution

These works respond in a tactile and material sense to surfaces, elemental forces and architectural structures as directly connected to the body. This project is particularly interested in the way bodies experiences ebb and flow, lightness and darkness and aspects of the weather, suggesting that we are always connected to natural systems. The prints and paintings speak of the elements in the sense that the observational qualities in the works are both about objectivity and the science of appearances as well as the internalised understadings we have of the sea through our personal explorations and experiences.

Research significance

This exhibition at the Wollongong City Gallery was partly instigated by the Regional Museums and Galleries policy of supporting regionally-based artists whose work is responsive to the local environment within the broader context of art-making, representation and abstraction. Wollongong City Gallery receives assistance from the NSW Government through Arts NSW and is supported by Wollongong City Council.