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Agnieszka Golda, World 1; North Gate, clockwise [installation], In Other Words exhibition, Adelaide Festival Centre, 25 October - 3 December, 2006. Exhibition website.



Research Background

‘World 1; North Gate 3, clockwise’ was an installation created for a group exhibition entitled ‘in other words…cultural interpretations through craft’ curated by Christine Nicholls and exhibited at the Adelaide Festival Centre in 2006. This installation comprised painting, crochet work and carved wood objects. World 1; North Gate 3 was part of a unique exchange project linking South Australian contemporary craft, design and visual art with traditional craft practices existing in our culturally diverse communities.

Research Contribution

This installation was the result of an exchange of creative skills, techniques and knowledge between Golda and her Polish grandmother Maria Zawada (OAM), whose area of expertise is traditional Polish crochet. The research objective was to produce new work, informed by unique cultural and artistic fusions. Writer and curator Christine Nicholls wrote, “in the marvelous installation that Agnieszka Golda created specially for this exhibition, the artist not only makes reference to the fragmentation brought on by the migration experience, as well as to her grandmother’s crocheting prowess, but also to the striking, though ambiguous central woman figure…, ” (Christine Nicholls 2006, ‘in other words…cultural interpretations through craft’, Adelaide Festival Centre).

Research Significance

‘In other words…’ was not only an exhibition but an on going influence which continues to inform Golda’s installation art practice. The exhibition was funded by the Visual Arts Board of the Australia Council for the Arts, and Arts SA; promoted by Craftsouth: Centre for Contemporary Craft and Design; and presented in partnership with the Adelaide Festival Centre.



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