World 2: Confessions (Installation art)

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Creative Work

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Agnieszka Golda, World 2: Confessions [installation], in A Slip of the Tongue exhibition, Nexus Gallery, Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre, 26 September - 24 October, Adelaide. Exhibition website.



Research Background

Golda’s installation ‘World 2: Confessions’ was exhibited as part of a group exhibition entitled ‘Slip of the Tongue’ at Nexus Gallery, Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre, Adelaide, 2008. ‘World 2: Confessions’ comprised embroidered blanket, bundles of stick tied with crochet ribbons and watercolour paintings.

Research Contribution

Together with artist / academics Olga Sankey (South Australian School of Art, University of SA) and Alex Selenitsch (Faculty of Architecture Building and Planning, University of Melbourne), Golda sought to investigate the ‘inevitable slippages’ between languages for those artists for whom ‘English is a second language…. Old Stories accidentally become New Stories through the imperfect, yet transformative process of translation. Material effects of translation provide the metaphors: varying lengths of sentences, the changed relationship of word and context, simplification and slight difference’.

Research Significance

‘World 2: Confessions’ focused on the complex set of relations between Polish folklore and the world of anime and manga narratives, a cross-cultural intersection out of which the acts of protection, healing and renewal arise. Writer and critic Cath Kenneally wrote of this work: “Golda speaks of ‘stabilising the irreconcilable’ through recovery and salvage of collective and personal, historical and current, memory and experience. Perhaps it may be possible, through systematic magic as we have here, for the transplanted individual, far from the old country, to reconnect with the ancestors”. Kenneally, C 2008 Slip of the Tongue, Nexus Gallery, Nexus Multicultural Arts Centre, Adelaide.