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Creative Work

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Agnieszka Golda, "Raising the dead" - installation in wood, cotton, wool, silk, digital print on paper, oil and acrylic on cavas, Light Square Gallery, 18 September - 16 October 2008, Adelaide Centre for the Arts, Adelaide. Download copy of installation slideshow here.



Research Background

‘Raising the Dead’, a major solo exhibition of installation art was presented at Light Square Gallery, Adelaide Centre for the Arts in 2008. ‘Raising the Dead’ comprised hand-carved wooden sculptures, paintings on canvas, large digital prints on paper and textiles including dyed silk, crochet cotton and embroidered woolen blankets.

Research Contribution

‘Raising the Dead’ explored the encounters of migrant bodies in cycles of re-emplacement; cross-cultural arrivals and departures. John Neylon wrote “this exhibition has its own ancestral trail in the form of like artistic practice, such as Sally Smart’s Unhomely Body series of work in the 1990’s and Bronwyn Platten’s ‘Id la’ explorations of memory and language of the same period. ‘Raising the Dead’ makes an important contribution to this genre and shines a spot light on a mode of shamanistic, creative action which of its nature has no neat cut-off points between make believe and reality and can be as scary as you want it to be”.[1] 1. Neylon, J 2008, Ghost Train, Raising the Dead, Agnieszka Golda, The Adelaide Review, October 2008, p33.

Research Significance

This solo exhibition enabled Golda to reflect upon her migratory experiences and the multiple roles of an artist. Executive Editor of the national visual arts journal, Artlink, Stephanie Britton noted that, ‘Beyond her calling as an artist/thinker, Golda in this instance was also a curator’[2]. An image from the exhibition was selected for the front cover of Artlink December 2008. 2. Britton, S 2008, Editorial, Artlink vol 28 no. 4, p14.