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Anne Ngoc Vo, The Transformation of Human Resource Management and Industrial Relations in Vietnam, Chandos Asian Studies Series: Contemporary Issues and Trends, Chandos Publishing, Oxford, 2009, 190p.


This essential reference reviews recruitment and selection, training and development, performance management, and union relations in a sample of multi national companies (MNCs) and local firms in Vietnam. It addresses the transfer of human resources management (HRM) systems across borders and the transformation of HRM practices in Vietnam – a context of a developing and transitional economy. Due to their comparatively advanced HRM systems, MNCs have become magnets for younger generations of employees in developing countries. Moreover, they are able to attract talented employees out of the local firms into their organizations. This leads to the domestic ‘brain drain’ phenomenon. Without a reform in HRM, local firms might lose commercial competitiveness in their own country. These developments produce a transformation in the management of human resources, in which MNCs play the catalyst role. This book extensiveily examines all of the issues.