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Hoa Pham's writing crosses the genres of junior, young adult, and adult fiction. She has written two short novels for beginning readers of English, Forty-Nine Ghosts (1998) and No One Like Me (1998), a full-length young adult novel, Quicksilver (1998), and an adult novel Vixen (2000). For the purposes of this essay, I shall be focusing on her writing for children only and specifically on No One Like Me. My interest in Pham's texts for children stems from the project I worked on from 2005-2007. While I am no longer formally involved in this project, during this period, Clare Bradford, Wenche Ommundsen, and I read, described, and analysed representations of cultural diversity in Australian children's literature as part of an ARC-funded project entitled 'Building Cultural Citizenship: Multiculturalism and Children's Literature'. As the title of this project suggests, we are interested in the intersection of multiculturalism, cultural citizenship, and children's literature.